Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Art of making chocolates -workshop in Thane

Chocolates!!chocolates!!chocolates!!!Who doesn’t like them and if you can make chocolates in the comfort of your house when you have a little kid around,what else would you want !!! I made the most of the Mumbai visit this time by learning how to make basic yummy chocolates that does not take much time, are easy to make and costs much less than what you would get in the market!!
We made 23 different varieties of chocolates ranging from plain, crunchy butterscotch, crispies, fruits and nuts, cappuccino, orange delights, minty mint ,caramel, flaky ,double decker chocolates in different shapes to cookie dips, coco nutty bounty and lollypops. We learnt packing them too in decorative paper wraps.
So, for all the newbie’s like me ,you can join B.G’s classes and also follow them on Facebook @ BGs-Chocolates
Also, sharing this easy chocolate making recipe from  YouTube :

making of chocolates
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