Friday, December 30, 2011

Day cares-How to make them work for you!!

It’s not that I wanted to admit my infant of 5 months right away into a day care, but thanks to my nanny who would go missing more often than attending that I had no option but to find a place for him in the day care.
Fortunately we had done a great deal of research before hand and found one close to my workplace that we had registered at long back keeping an alternative had the nanny absented or absconded.

I started experiencing goose bumps few days before the “D-day” .The idea of keeping your tiny tot with 100 other children knowing that he would be infected easily, whether he would be able to adjust in an unfamiliar environment, if they would feed him, change his diapers timely or not, etc. etc harrowed my mind.

Well, finally the day arrived and we landed him into the day care centre..I had a long list with me to clear all my doubts (silly/practical).The owner was kind enough to bear me and my questions  Somewhat convinced, I dropped him off ..
3 weeks and going strong, Soham has adjusted well..
My observations and suggestions till now to make it work at day cares:

• Contrary to many negative stories (based upon individual experiences), day cares do care discounting minor misses. The supervisor who takes care of Soham is a paediatric nurse herself and has 3 nannies under her..They adore Soham and give attention to his needs. I do make it a point to make sudden visits (I am allowed to being a nursing mom) .I have always seen them taking care of all children with utmost patience.

• They keep me informed of almost all the activities like the number of formula feeds, diaper changing,etc (as I have asked them to ) and special instructions on days he is unwell.
I had handed over a checklist of important things that I’d need them to take care of on the first day itself like all his belongings, things that he likes to do, how to calm him down when he’s crying or irritated,etc

• I also take an update of the day’s activities while bringing Soham out.This makes them more responsible and accountable.

I’d still say that no one can take care of you loved one yet the way you would but when there is very limited or no choice of securing your child at home, with mutual trust and win-win partnership, day cares can bestow huge benefits for working moms. And most importantly, you can connect with moms with similar stories and know that you aren’t alone!!!

Please share your experiences !!


Balaji said...


Even we are looking for a creache/day care for our 5 month old baby Near Raheja Mindpace in HYDerabad.Can you give us some good references please


Madhurima Basu said...

Hi Balaji

You can try Kidz Paradise..I used to leave my son there..They were good.

Anonymous said...

Hey any good suggestions for day care centre in bangalore for 6 months old..??