Thursday, May 10, 2012

Easy baby food recipes - II

homemade baby food recipes
Ever since my son started taking solid food,I've been on an experimentation spree for easy homemade baby food recipes.I strive to give him stuff that would add to essential nutrients and build up a healthy immune system while maintaining the taste factor.
The other day while chatting with my maid,I learnt about this great cereal mix.This baby food recipe has a blend of a variety of cereals ,very easy to make and extremely healthy.I've been feeding him this mix during breakfast and early evening snack times.
So for all those fussy eaters like my son,here's presenting the secret recipe which is definitely worth a shot.

Dry roast equal quantities of flattened rice, wheat, dalia, rice, different varieties of dal  sprinkled with some ajwain and cumin seeds(to aid in digestion and apetite and provide millions of other health benefits)Coot it,grind it and store it in an airtight jar for frequent use.
To make the preparation,heat some ghee in a pan ,take 2-3 spoonful of this mixture and mix it well with the ghee.Cook it until the color changes to pale brown. Add some boiled water and milk to this. Cook again for another 3-4 minutes until you get a smooth consistency.
For an enriching taste,add some almond powder/raisins ,garnish with fruit pieces and jaggery syrup to sweeten it.

The superb,rich,filling and nutritious all cereal mix is ready to be served now.

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