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Cough remedies for children

cough and cold in children natural remedies

Cough remedies for children
Children are prone to cold and cough more often during early years. The chances can double up  if they are kept exposed to external environment like day cares  and playschools. Research says that a cold normally lasts for around 7 to 10 days and no remedies can make the cold go away faster. You can treat the symptoms though and bring some relief to the affected child .I am presenting some of the routines that I follow , some tips jotted down from the net  and as recommended by my pediatrician to treat common cold and cough in children.

  • Increase breastfeeding ,feed solids with plenty of water, fruit juices to keep the baby hydrated
  • Keep  sick children away from the affected one and let them get plenty of rest
  • Wash your hands thoroughly frequently before handling the baby and his things
  • Quit smoking and avoid taking him to such places
  • Keep his nose clean and wipe it gently frequently with a clean cloth
  • Avoid using a mosquito repellants and deos when the child is affected as these can cause allergy
  • Apply saline drops(as recommended by the pediatric) in each nostril whenever there are signs of  irritation and difficulty in breathing(My grab : Nasoclear)
  • Keep their pillows elevated slightly to help them breathe easily during nasal congestion
  • Paracetamol tablets under doctor’s supervision  if the fever goes high (>=100o)(My grab : Crocin)
  • Cough syrups after consultation with the doctor
  • Nebulisation if wheezing is noticed / difficulty in breathing and irritability (It costs around 2000k and it makes sense to have one at home rather than spending 100 bucks on every nebulisation visit at the hospital. You might need this often during early ages.)
  • I always trust homeopathy and natural remedies to treat cough and cold. A slow cure but free from side effects.
  • Boil Ajwain seeds and honey/tulsi leaves in drinking water and feed at regular intervals
  • Massage with mustard oil (around 5-10 tsp.) heated with crushed garlic and ajwain seeds on the child’s chest,neck,throat,forehead and head. You can store this mixture (cooled and strained) in an airtight bottle for later use.
  • Apply Steam .You can do this by turning on hot water in the bathroom and let the door remain closed for the steam to flow. Sit in the room with the child for about 20 minutes.
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