Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Easy recipes for kids- Ragi(Finger millet) halwa

This recipe is full of calcium and protein and contains a great amount of iron and other minerals..Why ?? coz its a halwa made with "Ragi" , commonly known as "Nachni" in Maharashtra and common name of Finger Millet in South India.It's not only good for children but for everyone and can double up as a healthy dessert too!!! As with my other recipes,I always try to bring in the health part by using more of healthy and nutritious food items.I almost always manage to trick my son by calling it a "chocolate pudding" !!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Indian Food Wisdom by Rujuta Diwekar - The importance of "tadka" in our food

I am about to start a series on sharing health and weight loss mantras from Rujuta Diwekar's video "Indian Food Wisdom" . I am really quite fond of her ideas since she doesn't stress on fad diets and talks on the importance of traditional food and their benefits and why we don't need to follow senseless diets to lose weight.We can stick to our old rich Indian food , eat merrily and still lose it all by eating it the right way !!

So, come and join me in this journey!!!!

                                    The importance of "tadka" in our food

The tadka that we apply to our food doesn't only carry calories,but it also has loads of nutrients and therapeutic values in it e.g. turmeric powder,ghee,oil,sesame seeds,coconut seasonings,etc.Unless you use it,you wont be able to absorb the vitamins and minerals and the heap of benefits that come with it.In other words,consuming vegetables alone without the tadka has no value.And of course,undoubtedly, it adds heavily to the taste.So what happens then?
a.You enjoy eating the food
b.Since your appetite is satisfied,you wont get cravings for high calorie food post the meal and that's where you will lose it healthily.

Most importantly,it helps you get "pranic" value .

Prana – that most people are unaware of – is vital energy.It is extremely important to uplift our senses,our joints and scalps healthy,our moods ,makes us light and lively and helps us stay healthy and energetic and keep us looking young and thin.So the mantra here is "to count prana and not calories."

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Easy kids recipes – Dalia (broken wheat) porridge -II

This dalia porridge is perfect for all those fussy eaters who would shriek at the sight of dalia.
You can also try out a similar recipe for infants from my other post: http://stay-athome-moms.blogspot.in/2012/03/easy-baby-food-recipes-1.html

Friday, February 15, 2013

Vector portait of a beautiful woman

Exercises at home for women

They say a workout can take you off the worst mood coz it releases endorphins - responsible for releasing positive feelings in the body. Really? Can’t comment much on that!!For me exercising brings a sense of relief and achievement if I can manage to sneak in 30 minutes of workout in my morning schedule and of course with it comes the awesome sensation of burning some calories ,losing weight and looking good(Isn’t that every woman’s dream!!)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ways to bond with the newborn

The truth about motherhood

Being a mother is one of the most cherished feelings of a lifetime. Nine months of carrying a tiny soul in the womb, of sleepless nights, of all the countless efforts, of the terrible mood swings and of an impatient waiting coming to an end when the baby cries for the first time after entering this beautiful world. This is the moment of truth every mother looks forward to.
Most likely, every pregnant mother daydreams: of the delivery procedure, of the care they need to shower on the child to ensure his comfort all the time.
The reality can be quite different from what a mother might have anticipated. A delivery (normal or c-section) can leave you physically and mentally exhausted. All the hunky dory, enchanting dreams will fade away. Lots of women experience postpartum depression. You will also feel stressed out most of the time. Is that unusual? No, Not at all!!
These symptoms are natural as they occur due to the numerous changes in the body. Most mothers feel guilty if they can’t bond with the baby immediately but they need not be. Sooner or later they will. Remember that the body needs a lot of rest this time and you should take all the time to recuperate at first. Only then will you be able to take care of your baby completely.