Friday, March 30, 2012

Easy baby food recipes - 1

Dalia Porridge
Dalia porridge makes for a very healthy and easy baby food recipe. Dalia(broken wheat) is rich in fibre and provides your child with all the necessary nutrients .
I have learnt this exciting baby food recipe from the website:
I am producing my own , tried and tested version of the recipe .
Pre-roast dalia and store it in an air-tight jar for frequent use. Earlier, I used to powder and blend it since my son would have difficulty digesting it .In a pan, heat around 1-2 teaspoons of ghee, add 2-3 tablespoons of dalia with few tablespoons of drinking water. Bring it to a boil and add few tablespoons of milk(I use cow/formula milk) depending upon the required consistency..Mix it well to ensure that no lumps are created. Cook it for 5 minutes. To this, put in  2 teaspoons of roasted almond powder and jaggery (boiled and sieved). Almond is loaded with dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals .It is also blessed with numerous health benefits and provides protection against several diseases. Serve it semi-warm.

Ensure to supply water to your child while feeding this baby food recipe frequently to help him digest it well.
So, doesn’t this really make a great and quick recipe?
You can substitute Dalia with semolina/ragi at times as well for a change of taste.You can some add mashed fruits too to make it more exciting!!
 My tot of 8.5 months loves it and has it often for breakfast…If you like this recipe, please write back to me..
I’d also love it if you could share such healthy recipes that would benefit a lot of moms.
dalia porridge

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Motherhood - A Reason to Love and Rejoice

Why does it so happen that we often ignore the divine present moments at hand and find ourselves lost in thoughts of the future that can wait to give these beautiful moments a chance to cherish for a lifetime?

While I was pregnant, I kept my mind engaged in useless thoughts of tomorrow, of fears of childbirth, fears of the unknown, fear of losing the job or possible inability to keep the job and the list goes on...

I got my 3 full months of much long awaited maternity leaves, after 10 years of dedicated service, little to no vacations and a routine work life. I had decided to make the most of it since this would be one of the very few long breaks one gets in a life full of jobs and work unless you plan a long sabbatical. When the time actually arrived, in between enjoying motherhood, I experienced bouts of depression, relapsed fear of joblessness, impending fading finance, and indefinite future of the child, etc., again missing the present moment that had so much to offer.

And guess what? I finally left  my job that I had hoped to hold on to forever when my child was 8 months old .Hence, I settled into a stay at home mom full time job. Again, instead of cherishing the lovely moments with the baby, I had been only thinking of new ways of generating cash flow and yet again attracting pointless alarmed thoughts of the future...

Today, I decided to pause and  give my horrifying stupid thoughts a chance to vanish for a while and enjoy the day with my son that I truly missed all these days...

It’s an overwhelming splendid feeling to capture real life visuals of your little loved one trying to cling to you and give you that captivating beautiful smile, troubling you, clapping his tiny hands, trying to hold, kiss and hug you, love you with his own small ways, the naughty face sneaking a peek when he refuses to comply, the small but significant acts that you will fail to catch if you blink....

So, does it really make sense to surround our minds by unpredictable thoughts that hold no good today. Instead, why don’t we let go and treasure these moments of the joys of motherhood that God has bestowed upon us with love...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weaning food for babies

Weaning food for babies
6 Months
I started weaning my baby at around 5 and 1/2 months so that he would get slowly used to it by the time he was 6 which is the correct age for introducing semi-solid food. And his paediatrician advised it too. The 1st cereal that I gave him was Rice “Cerelac” since it’s simple to digest and gives the 1st flavour of solid food. Initially I would make only 1 portion (1 spoon) of it once a day (milk being the addition for the rest of his requirements) and gradually increased to 2 (Lunch and Dinner 2 spoons each) by the time he completed 6 months.
7 & 8 Months
When he turned 7 months, his pediatric suggested giving him 3 portions of solid food (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) .I decided to include natural food and limited packaged to dinner times only.
For Breakfast and Lunch, I introduced rice and dal powder (1 tablespoon, pressure cooked with veggies (1 or 2 varieties to start off with) to provide necessary nutrients. I would add a pinch of salt (optional) too. Ghee/butter can be added for flavor and to supplement some fat to the diet. I would serve ½ of this portion in breakfast and the remaining in lunch. I also included ½ a piece of an apple (boiled and mashed) in between his meals.
You can make the rice powder by mixing rice and dal in equal proportions .Make sure to wash them thoroughly first and then dry them under the sun. You can store this mixture in a clean, dry jar and use it whenever necessary...
 He did not seem to like the change in his diet pattern in the beginning and made a terribly fussy face since the only supply he had till now was either breast milk or formula milk and cerelac which was more like sweetened rice and seemed better to the taste budsJ.
Thank God, he adjusted to it in 2 days...
I made a mistake which I must commit here...Assuming that his digestive system is strong enough, I gave him 3 varieties of vegetables too soon thinking that it would be aid in his growth.
Result: He pooped about  5 times that day passing semi liquid stools...Hence the moral of the story is to restrict varieties to  1 or 2, continue for a couple of days and then add another if required and only after observing his entire system(4 days in general). This is true for any type of new food for infants.
His diet plan at 8 months comprise of the foll.
·         Breakfast: Ragi (Finger Millet) porridge with or without puréed veggies/Daliya (Broken Wheat) porridge. Occasionally, I add some fruits to it like boiled apple/mashed banana and almond powder. I make it a point to add ghee/butter as well.
·         Lunch (Rice with veggies...same as above with a dash of turmeric powder and salt)
·         Dinner (Rice and veggies cerelac)
·         In betweens : Teething biscuit and milk
making your own baby food
Blended rice with veggies and Daliya porridge

Next week, I’m going to aim at egg whites and chicken stew :)...Let’s see how he catches up!!
Easily digestible veggies
Carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, peas, green beans, spinach and beets, cauliflowers
Bananas, peaches, peeled apples and pears

Useful Infant Recipes
Did you find this article useful??Please write back to me...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Make money with Affiliate Marketing

How to make money with affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing in simple terms means “Marketing somebody else’s products or services”. So the good news is that you do not need to own a product.

Affiliate marketing network involves three parties: A merchant (An advertiser, a brand or a seller), an affiliate himself (or a publisher) and a customer.

An affiliate signs up to market the merchant’s goods or services by directing a customer to the appropriate web page containing information about the advertised products. For every customer, the affiliate would earn an affiliate marketing commission.

How does Affiliate marketing work

Affiliate marketing is a good option for those:
·         Working from home/part time
·         Wishing to make some extra bucks along with a full time job
When a customer clicks on a link from your website directing to the main web site, this information is stored in the profile. Every time he or she buys something, you receive a commission as agreed upon by the owner.
Another way to earn affiliate marketing commission is through paying per click (ppc affiliate marketing). Here, you place small ads (promote products of companies who are willing to pay you to bring customers to their sites) on popular search engines like yahoo, google, msn where traffic is extensively high (you got to pay them per click on your advertisement)

Moral: If you have some money to invest then opt for PPC (taking the “loss” too into consideration). At the same time, if you are not in a hurry then go for creating web sites.

How to start off with Affiliate Marketing
1) Create a website or blog (with WordPress/Blogspot) or only a “lens” on (if you don’t have a website or don’t enjoy writing) about the product(s) you are advertising. The information that you publish must be of great quality and informative to attract readers. You could also start your own email list and offer them free products to kick-start. Once you have developed enough confidence in them, you could suggest products that they would need to pay for and begin affiliate marketing.

2) Promote a product that matches you niche and choose a niche that people would want to browse through and develop interest in. It can either be physical or virtual (software/eBook).For physical products, you can set up an account on or is one of the most popular ones and will give you the option to promote virtual products.

3) Drive traffic to your site with SEO optimisation techniques. You got to build abundant patience here as the famous saying that goes -“Rome as not built in a day”

4) Build trust in your readers

A word of caution: Do not push people to buy products, only recommend them. Also do not suggest products that you are not sure of .This might end up losing your valuable readership network.
There are several places where you would like to place Affiliate Links on a site, depending upon where your readers would most likely focus their attention on.
Suggestions: Text-link ads are advisable to be placed in blog posts, or you could put advertisement banners above or below each post since the readers would glance mostly at those areas while reading your posts.

Innovation, intelligence the right tactics will take you to attain your objectives.

Some good links to learn about Affiliate marketing