Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sahaja Yoga - Pathway to serenity!!

Sahaja Yoga

Few months back while I was pregnant, I attended a Sahaja Yoga session organized by "Young Professionals Network”. It’s a committee for professionals, as the name suggests in my organization.
I have learnt a few meditative practices including ART of living (basics),simple meditation and traditional yoga. Though I practice yoga regularly, I could not really bring myself upto meditating daily due to lack of time and interest and concentration...So I just thought of attending this session for a new enlightenment.
Well, It takes just five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the night and you are ready to embark into a divine journey...It’s very easy to practice too.
The main objective of any form of Yoga is to connect us with inner peace and silence that stays deep within each one of us.

Sahaja Yoga is a meditation technique which brings a breakthrough in the evolution of human awareness. It was created by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970 and since then has spread all around the globe. It is very effective for stress management in our day to day lives.

Sahaja Yoga begins with Self Realization (Kundalini awakening) rather than it being an unattainable goal. Kundalini Shakti lies in a dormant state at the base of the spine of every human being. Shri Mataji in her own words, says, "Self Realization is the first encounter with Reality".

There are seven chakras (energy centers) within us. They are responsible for our physical, emotional and mental well being. Once Kundalini passes through the six centers (energy centers in the spinal cord) and penetrates through the fontanel bone area on the top of our head, our centers (chakras)get rejuvenated and we feel relaxed and calm and energized. We also feel a cool breeze flowing through our fingertips .You will feel it through the fontanel bone area on the top of our head as well.

It also produces a state of thoughtless awareness. We are always worried about our future or past. As Kundalini rises, these thoughts lengthen. A very small space is created between the thoughts as it spreads out and creates a state of complete silence. This helps us to remain in the present without any fear which actually is the reality.

When the fetus is about 2 to 3 months old in the mother's womb, rays of consciousness emitted through the power of heavenly Love, pass through the brain to enlighten it. The shape of the brain is like a prism. The column of rays falling on it gets refracted into four diverse channels. This corresponds to the four aspects of the nervous system. They are as follows:

Sympathetic nervous system - right side

Sympathetic nervous system - left side

Parasympathetic nervous system

Central nervous system

To experience Sahaja Yoga, click here
A person practicing Sahaja yoga can obtain Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual benefits. To know the benefits of Sahaja Yoga, click here

I’ve experienced a celestial feeling many times while practicing it, an emotion that I really can’t explain in words. It helped me immensely during those depression clad pregnant days...
Please share your thoughts/comments if you have experienced anything similar..

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