Friday, February 15, 2013

Exercises at home for women

They say a workout can take you off the worst mood coz it releases endorphins - responsible for releasing positive feelings in the body. Really? Can’t comment much on that!!For me exercising brings a sense of relief and achievement if I can manage to sneak in 30 minutes of workout in my morning schedule and of course with it comes the awesome sensation of burning some calories ,losing weight and looking good(Isn’t that every woman’s dream!!)

It’s a known fact that you can always make time if you want to. True!!!However, I am not too fond of setting a timetable especially when it comes to exercising and I like to do it “my way” .What’s the benefit of exercising if it becomes a nuisance and brings no pleasure!!
So, now, let’s look at my morning schedule. Remember my morning ends at 11 AM and that’s when I take my brunch and get prepared for the rest of the day...
1. 8 A.M. – Time to kick-start the day!!
2. Cook, cook and cook!!!(Breakfast and lunch.This takes up around 1.5 hours)
3. Some household cleaning routines
4. Bath

Now, I must have left you wondering where the exercise plan fits into this schedule. This is how I do it “my way”. I try to squeeze in small rounds of workouts amidst my morning schedule i.e. while cooking, cleaning, etc. I also make the most of it while the cook winds up her part.

When I do have the luxury of time, I try to follow interesting workouts from YouTube videos. This is when I have full uninterrupted 30 minutes of workout time at my disposal. At other times, I break it up in 3 parts of 10 minutes each while cooking (“kitchen workout”), watching TV or simply standing. Most of the short intervals consist of high-intensity workouts followed by rest period and cool down exercises. Remember, the target is to burn more calories in shorter durations. I find intermittent exercise bouts more effective and enjoyable. Recent studies have also revealed that shorter exercise stints produce the same results as continuous workouts. So if you thought that you got to do all at once without a break, time to forget the excuses and move on!!

 I work out for 4-5 days a week combined with Sudarshan Kriya (another 30 minutes) to manage stress and for self-control. I involve my 1.5 year old toddler into the plan making it fun for him too. This also accelerates the mommy-sonny bonding!!

Remember, 30 minutes of exercising a day does not suffice alone. It’s important to get up and get moving after resting for a while. As stay at home moms, we tend to get sluggish and slouch. I make it a point to do a couple of stretches, jumping rope, bends, squats, dance etc. after short intervals of rest.
I also like spot jogging, skipping or some moderate exercises to keep the energy flowing and stay fit.
A word of advice: Give your maid a break at times by mopping the floor once in a while for a win-win situation and motivation... and do this fast enough to get the heart pumping!!

But remember that exercising does not mean that you can go easy on your diet. Complement workouts with good-to-taste healthy recipes and you’ll be ready for the show...

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