Thursday, December 20, 2012

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A stubble isn't bad as such but when it upsets the evening spirit, rough on the cheeks and your age begins to show off among those tini mini white hair, it can be quite a spoilsport and above all “I hate the Devdas look”. Reminds me of Shahrukh’s awful overacting in Devdas..

So, my cheerful mood on a Sunday took a toll seeing my hubby sport a stubble all of a sudden. The plan was to go out to the nearby mall to encounter the pre- Christmas celebrations.

“Eeeee, what’s that???” I shrieked.No reaction…
 “Please take it out”….. I lowered my pitch… (You know it works with men most of the times to see the woman bend)
“I beg of you”---and I waited for a decent response this time.. My man is a man of few words and for him "Action definitely speaks louder than words".."Bhaaaam" went the door…and I was left dumbstruck and helpless. All my pleas were paid no heed to and I was at a loss of words to influence him. All my hues and cries went kaput. And my ego and self- respect..Sob,sob L
My next plan was to serve him something that would brighten up his mood as the old thought goes “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”…I guess I had already made some way to it long back and couldn't push any further so my version of the same would be “The way to kill a man’s ego is through his stomach”. So I made his favorite dishes. He was happy, appreciated it much, and hummed a few lines of some crappy song (one of his favorites ).Taking benefit of the situation, I popped those pleads again.. “So all those lovely dishes were to blackmail me emotionally huhhhhh!!!”…. – instantly came the response…and poor me!!I was out of ideas to trick him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So when it was finally time for us to move out in the evening, I felt so sick and grumpy that for a while I wished I was a man and could grow a stubble too LSo just as I was contemplating to cancel the evening plan, my hubby finally spoke up  ...”Ok babes, it’s Christmas time, time to rejoice and make your loved ones happy...So, don’t worry, I’ll get rid of it..Now cheer up and get dressed quickly in that favourite black of mine (again one of those that I hated to put onL but anything to eradicate a stubble)

“Thank you Santa, for bringing some sense to my hubby’s brains”…

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