Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Workaholic turns SAHM

A fun-filled and meaningful work/life balance,supportive and loving social circle,handsome paychecks vs a thankless,tiring,24/7 stay at home mom job..Which one do you choose?? Needless to say,the former!!!

Hmm,Unfortunately,life doesn't leave us with much choice..and we have to become one at some point in our life when family takes priority over career..
By the grace of God and with a good day care support,I could work for a good period of time after my son's birth..But I knew that it would all end one day and I would be forced to stay back home raising him..And so it finally happened after 11 years.

And I expected my life to be simpler with a long sabbatical,fantasy of my much desired me-time, organizing the house,trying different recipes,finding new hobbies,upgrading my skills and the joys of being with my baby that I really missed while at work..

It's been 3 weeks since my journey as a stay at home has started..The first 2 weeks were nothing less than hell,with sudden tremors of outbursts picking up every now and then, struggling to cope up with joblessness and excessive multi-tasking ..Outcome: Failure to keep an over active child chirpy all the time and feelings of guilt sprawling...I guess that's what happens when you are suddenly left with an unproductive mind and  an unrewarding never ending job!!and my happy plans remained as unfulfilled dreams only..and what happens to the poor kid..He is left to wonder what's wrong with mommy and gets crankier,grumpy and irritated !!

After much struggle to keep a maid or not,I finally zeroed in on a part time maid with my hubby's support who could bring me some solace and the sanity that I was beginning to lose..

Now,again,my mind is getting back to its normality, blissful thoughts are flowing in,productive thoughts are filling in and I am finally on my way to accomplishing my much cherished plans..Outcome: The poor kid is bubbly again!!

A few things that I gathered from this journey are :Never over-estimate your capacity,multi-task only to the extent you can ,meditate once in a while ,break out of the routine,write your heart out,exercise or indulge in any sport activity and most importantly get help if you can afford to till you are prepared to handle the show on your own..

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