Thursday, December 8, 2011

The munchkin turns today!!

As a novice mom,I am experiencing and learning new things everyday...Today was another one when the little 1 learns to turn on his own...It was a breathtaking experience of a lifetime.

The past 2 months hadn't been  much activity-oriented other than normal gestures,smiles and laughter.I was wondering what would happen next..I had been poured with the same question from his pediatrician,family and close friends ample times- "Has he turned?" and I was tired on answering a frustrating "no" everytime..

My parents were fortunate indeed to watch it over Skype.He did it while I was chatting with them.Thanks to technology that has bridged gaps between 2 cities and helped people as dear as grandparents get unique experiences that wouldn't have been otherwise possible without physical proximity.

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