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Working Moms vs. Stay-at-Home Moms

Working Moms vs. Stay-at-Home Moms

So you have had your chance of being closely with your baby for 3 months of maternity leaves and now its the hardest decision to take: Going back to work..So,would you or wouldn’t you?
Research has proved that the foundation of all subsequent personality development lies in the initial 5 years of life. A lot of surveys demonstrate that more and more women are choosing to stay at home to give full quality time to their children,
Dr. Phil, however, says that there is really no evidence to support it. He went on to say that children in quality day care environments show improvements in cognitive and social skills as well as intellect and social comfort. He encourages all women to make a choice that will "bring her closest to fulfilling her hopes and dreams."
But for many working mothers the controversy over staying at home or having a career has less to do with career accomplishment and a lot more to do with financial need. In another survey, some women pointed out that they work coz they absolutely have to for survival and to meet the mounting expenses. They wished they could wait until their children went to kindergarten but situations compelled them to work and they did not have the benefit of time.
On the other hand, a lot of women feel that working makes them feel satisfied both at work and home and have happier children.
Hence, a mental debate occurs between a working mom who wishes that she could give more time to her family and a stay at home mother who desires to earn her fair share of credits as well. A lot of stays at home moms get dejected in the sole capacity of a parent missing the social connections and self-esteem. This makes the environment gloomy for a child too.
A few more surveys reveal the depressing truth of layoffs during recession times where the woman after putting
in hard years of work has been forced to quit and the stress of hunting for a new job in an unfamiliar
environment intimidates them to stay back at home. (This is a generic observation and does not limit to working moms only)

It’s also true that many women choose to quit their plush jobs due to the absence of a caretaker and lack of a
quality standard day care center.

Many organizations also do not offer flexibilities to working moms fearing that others may follow the same route and thereby losing a quality and trained employee.

In a poll conducted by, 36% of the stay at home moms  wished they could go back to work and
66% expressed their  interest to quit their jobs and raise juniors. But around 85% from both the sides agreed 
that stay at home moms do not get the respect they deserve.

Advantages of being a stay-at-home mom
·         24 hours quality time with your baby and derive feelings of fulfilment
·         Nurturing the child in a soothing environment and making the child more secure
·         Capturing the “firsts” and moments that can be extremely satisfying and being a part of their
          emotional and physical growth
·         Make more investments in the emotional bank account
·         Pursue hobbies or areas of interests that wouldn’t be possible along with a full time job
·         Relax and rejuvenate reducing stress levels
·         Give 100% to family life
·         Lots of time for yourself and live a schedule-free life
·         Reduce day care and other regular office expenses

Advantages of being a working mom
·         Bring home a monthly fixed salary, increasing future income and meet inflation
·         Give a better life to your baby and family by sharing financial requirements and liberty to make
          independent financial decisions
·         Get dual satisfaction of accomplishment of being a career oriented woman and a mother
·         Stay connected with social networking circles
·         Children become less-dependent on parents and mature and can carry out many tasks better

So, at the end of the day, it’s a matter of choice that you make to be a stay at home or working mom, 
after taking all factors into consideration and which would work out best in your situation.

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