Sunday, December 11, 2011

Soham turns 5 months!!

 Yesterday the little one turned 5 months..Its been an interesting journey so far...the exhilarating feeling when Soham entered this world...with an inquisitivess of the next unanticipated event,changing diapers every 10-15 mins...sleep deprived nights in the first 2.5 months with Soham waking up every 1-2 hours...constantly praying to god to help me get that long deserved rest,browsing through numerous articles online on "How to make you baby sleep more during the nights"and trying all possible ways to build a schedule to keep him awake during the daytime and failing each time...And finally Soham giving in to my long awaited demand..of sleeping for 6 hours at a stretch keeping me wondering whats wrong with him :)..

An excellent book gifted to me by one of my well wishers that kept me going through those tiring days(and still does), helped me relate to my situation and a must-to-have for every new mother is "Chicken Soup for the new mom's soul"

The tiny tot's 5th month birthday was celebrated over a coffe party with my close friend Akshara..who had come over to spend a day with us while my husband was away on a team outing...
We spent the evening chatting away,clicking pictures,playing with Soham and finally calling it a day with a lovely meal..

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