Tuesday, December 6, 2011

To work or not

To work or not
Give him your heart and soul and he will give you his...
To quit or not to quit, feeling guilty at the thought of leaving
your child in the custody of a nanny or day care or sacrifice
the lucrative job to raise child and let go the fixed salary and
incentives that would hit your bank account monthly...
These are few of the numerous thoughts and apprehensions that
snatch our mind after the birth of a child..and there’s no better
solution than taking a spot decision when the situation
demands. But the question is : "How to take a decision?"
Let me begin with my experience :
I have been happily working for 10 years and continuing as
well..(minus happy :().
With the birth of a child along with the sheer happiness of the
new bundle of joy came a great fear of losing job,career,etc that
I had been managing freely until now fulfilling all expectations that my organisation had from me And no matter what you have done in th past will fade away soon..

3 months after my maternity leaves, I joined back office leaving my child with a maid..(Fortunately enough I got a nice 1)I did not want to opt for a day care so soon as the doctor had advised against it for the first 6 months till the child develops a better immunity system. It was a difficult decision..A decision that most moms have to take without choice, not to build a career in most cases but to provide for the monthly running fixed expenses and to offer a better life to the child.
Things have been managed so far (it’s been a month since I joined back and my son will complete 5 months soon) Obvious enough, I was missing the same respect that I had earned in the last couple of years...a perception that I am a mom now and not a dedicated and any time available employee
On several occasions I have had to rush back home due to emergency calls from my maid..Today I got the shock of my life when my maid informed that she can’t look after my son for a month due to a personal emergency
I called up my day care services centre and luckily (Thank God !!!), they have reserved a seat for my lil one...
I’m getting Goosebumps already!!!

So, welcome all ladies who have experienced anything similar in life and want to share their experiences..Lets begin a diary of our courage and perseverance to face these challenges in our daily lives and how we overcome them..
This is a community for all those who have broken all the roadblocks to continue with the job they like and those who couldn’t and
preferred or chose to live as stay at home moms.

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